Q: How do I use a flosser?

A: Hold flosser firmly in one hand, place floss between teeth, and use a gentle back and forth sawing motion to slide floss between your teeth. Slide the flosser up and down against the sides of each tooth, above and below gumline to remove plaque and debris. Discard after use.


Q: Can I re-use a flosser?

A: While it may be possible to re-use a flosser, it is not recommended. EZ Floss and Kid’s Floss flossers are individually wrapped for clean, hygienic flossing, and are intended to be disposable after one use.


Q: Why use EZ Flossers instead of string floss?

A: For optimal oral health, we encourage regular flossing with both string floss and EZ Floss flossers. EZ Floss can readily be used in situations where string floss isn’t convenient or available, such as when travelling, or at work or school. Because EZ Floss and Kid’s Floss are individually wrapped for hygiene, they can be carried in your pocket, bag, backpack or even your wallet for quick and discreet flossing. Many people find they need to floss before business meetings, social situations, or after lunch at school, and string floss may not be a convenient solution. Ease of use, hygiene and the fact you can take them anywhere are why many people prefer EZ Floss to string floss.


Q: Why do EZ Floss flossers and Kid’s Floss use different types of dental floss?

A: Adult teeth and children’s teeth are spaced differently. Many adults have some tightly spaced teeth, particularly between molars. EZ Floss’s Strongline™ shred-resistant dental tape slides comfortably and effectively between these teeth, making it easier to floss these difficult spaces. Children’s teeth are smaller, but are generally more widely spaced than adult teeth. Our Kid’s Floss uses a multi-strand nylon floss that provides a larger cross section of floss to better clean children’s more widely spaced teeth.


Q: My dentist gave me an EZ Floss / Kids Floss flosser at my most recent visit. Where can I buy more?

A: EZ Floss is available at leading national retailers. See Where to buy for details.


Q: I am a dentist / dental office. Where can I get more information on EZ Floss and where do I buy it?

A: You can review or EZ Floss for Dentists and Products pages for details.  For further information please contact us at info@locin.com and we would be pleased to assist you further.


Q: I am a retailer / distributor and want to sell EZ Floss and EZ Floss for kids. Where do I get more information?

A: Please contact us directly at info@locin.com